Flowers add balance, color and life to your event. Our floral team can create custom arrangements and pieces featuring tropical cannas, festive cherry blossoms, classic calla lilies or an endless variety of flowers, fruit and greenery. We utilize the expertise of our florists to make sure that, whether you prefer traditional or custom options, every petal, leaf and sprout contributes to the harmony and beauty of your affair.   



Floral arrangements are the understated the masterpieces of every room, and design concepts are unsung heroes—when flowers meet design, it is a match made in Event Heaven.  Our Design and Floral teams are simply the best—they work together, on one accord to create breathtaking ambiance; understanding that it takes attention to the smallest details to create the most spectacular event. The seven creative minds on our Design and Floral teams collaborate to create one heck of a shindig!  


We are courageously creative. We take our client’s imagination and create utopia; there is no challenge our talented design team cannot meet. We encourage our clients to express their exact desires because we are confident that we can bring any fantasy to life. Our designers create custom and cutting edge décor and vignettes that draw your guests’ into a world of wonder. Our designers specialize in creating personalized experiences; from authentic Victorian festivities to Asian infused affairs, our design team considers every aesthetic detail to make sure the client is delighted. We know what it takes to create a thrilling social gala, an intimate dinner or a corporate fundraiser both practical and unique.